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Started in 1999 Lifecare Pharmaceuticals today is a leading Pharmaceutical Distributor in Chennai. Being One amongst 'Top Two' Pharmaceutical distributor in Chennai, Lifecare Pharmaceuticals has its own reputation. Service has been the key word which makes Lifecare Pharmaceuticals different from others. From a humble beginning Lifecare Pharmaceuticals has risen with increasing number of Companies under the umbrella and an ever incresaing customer base. Our coverage reaches every nook and corner of Chennai City and its peripheries.

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Our Strength

Administrative Staff (30)
Delivery Staff (10)
Warehouse Staff (120)
Area Saleman (40)

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Oncology Products

Lifecare Pharmaceuticals takes special interests for cancer ridden patients. We strive to reach speciality oncology medicines to the patients from our shelf and also procuring from other sources on s.o.s basis..

Other Speciality medicines

All speciality medicines like for nephrology, neurolgy, neuro psychiatry, urology etc., etc., to hormonol medicines which are promoted to medical proffession and sold at authorised retailers are available with us at all times.


Injectibles, mainly vaccines are kept in adequate stock with us. Its supplied on regular orders from retailers or dispatched by Institutional delivery staff on urgent basis.

Cosmetic Products

All ethically promoted Dermatologicals/Cosmetologicals from renowned Companies are available with us. Skin, Hair and Nail Doctor clinics/hospitals with own dispensing can approach for regular supplies.

Our Products